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Headquartered in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates),
Fusion Asia General Trading L.L.C (FAGT) offers all companies and individuals the freedom to choose a tax system!


What kind of country is the UAE about Dubai

UAE is such a country.
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Emirate is a form of monarchy. The UAE is an absolute monarchy, with the monarch possessing all the functions of governance.

  • What is Islamic

    Islamic finance is based on the Sharanh, a source of Islamic scripture, the Quran (Al-Quar'a: n),

    and the prophet Muhammad's conduct, which is a rule of Muslim life based on Sunnah. ) Is a financial transaction such as banking,

    securities, or insurance.
    Shariah means "way of people." It is called Islamic law and Islamic holy law.

  • Dubai's advantage,
    why Dubai?

    Despite the fierce competition in the tax system among countries around the world, the UAE remains the dominant tax system.

    There are no income or inheritance taxes in the UAE.


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Advantages and benefits of FAGT Group shareholders

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About IPXP

Providing IPXP (In House Bank Payment) service that connects 55 countries around the world based on UAE!
There is no other company in the world that can offer this service except its partner, KPT General Trading L.L.C (Dubai, UAE).


What is FAGT

Provision of IPXP (In House Bank payment) service connecting UAE to 55
countries around the world